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Frequently Asked Questions

If the app is so good, why is it so cheap?

The price of The Calm Spot in no way reflects its true value, but rather the vision of the developer - an affordable way to empower people everywhere to live happier, more peaceful and contented lives.

Why don't you offer a free trial?

Many issues can be completely resolved within a few days (or hours!) by using The Calm Spot as directed, so once the goal is achieved, the incentive to pay is removed. Like most people, The Calm Spot's developer quite likes to be paid for her work and expertise - and the costs of producing, maintaining and further developing the app - hence the (low) upfront cost.

How can The Calm Spot work for so many different issues?

Although on the surface it may seem like a 'one size fits all' approach, the secret lies in the unique processes of each person who uses The Calm Spot. It's just like electrical wiring - if there's a short, a misconnection or a disconnection, it doesn't matter whether the appliance is a TV, a stereo, or a heater - the way to get it working properly is to fix the wiring.

Are there any side effects?

Only good ones! Early users of The Calm Spot reported improvements in 'side' issues not specifically addressed, more enjoyment and better quality of life, clearer thinking, improved resilience, and better sleep.

I'm taking medication - will The Calm Spot still work for me?

Many medications do affect your nervous system (that's the whole point of some of them!) and may limit the results you'll achieve. Should you choose to stop taking medication - always with your doctor's advice - you may need to repeat your use of the app as your nervous system normalises. You may also find the SIMPLE video useful to feel better while adjusting to any changes in medication.

How do I request a refund?

Email with "Please refund" in the subject line. Quote the email address you use to log in to The Calm Spot, and the name on your account. Your refund will be processed on the next working day and you will be sent an email to confirm. The refund will be delivered via PayPal, usually within 48 hours of processing.

Please only apply for a refund if you have genuinely followed all of the guidelines for success and given the app - and yourself - a fair go.

If you are able to offer feedback on why you feel The Calm Spot didn't work for you, you'll help make it better in the future.

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