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sylvia guestThe Calm Spot was created by Sylvia Guest, an experienced NLP Therapist/Coach with a passion for empowering others to live their best life.

Sylvia developed The Calm Spot as a cost-effective way to encourage as many people as possible to let go of unhelpful feelings and thinking patterns and embrace more choice around their emotions and behaviour.

She is also the co-author, with Evelyn Manley, of the DIY manual for the mind, Think Feel Do: Everything Humanly Possible.

taratara mountain, far north new zealand

Sylvia has the good fortune to live on a hilltop in the beautiful Far North of New Zealand, overlooking soulful Mt Taratara - the original 'calm spot'.

Passionate about encouraging people to move beyond stereotypes to embrace their unique gifts and abilities, Sylvia works one-on-one with clients as well as delivering tailor-made workshops, writing about the many ways of using the power of the mind, and of course - developing the odd app!

When she's not working, she does the other things that make her heart sing; she cooks, gardens, sings out of tune, and spends time with her lovely partner Rufus and their two canine buddies, Rasta and Molly.

And she laughs. A lot. is Sylvia's coaching website.

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